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It's fun! Upbeat! And different from any magazine you've ever seen! Welcome to Our Iowa, the magazine that celebrates all that's great about living in Iowa.

Basically, Our Iowa allows Iowans to "talk to each other". Reading each issue is like sitting at your kitchen table and chatting with new friends over coffee, all of whom have interests similar to yours.

There are jaw-dropping photos of our beautiful land as well as some in-depth features. But the bulk of each issue is conversational, light-hearted "Here's what I think..." contributions shared by Iowans... people just like you.

Plus, you can win some great prizes.  We're giving away a $20,000 kitchen makeover in our "Keys to the Kitchen" contest. Find the key hidden in each issue, and it might just unlock the door to a dream kitchen! Or enter the Lucky I Contest and win thousands of dollars in prizes given by advertisers each issue.

Sneak a Peek Inside this Issue...

Quack, Quack! If It Sounds Like a Duck...
It might be a duck call these outdoor-loving Iowans from Van Buren County are making for TV's popular Duck Dynasty. Business has been just ducky!

Who's Going to Win a Brand-New Kitchen?
One of these six finalists holds the key to our $20,000 kitchen makeover!

Can You Tell a Good Christmas Tale? 
We start the story...and you finish it...in our eighth annual holiday writing contest. You could win a list of prizes that's worth writing home about!

Show 'Em How Smart You Are! 
They'll think you're a "brainiac" down at the coffee shop when you wow them with this Iowa trivia. Example: What's the only town in the U.S. to have a university, but no high school?

Thank You, Lord, for Snow Days! 
Musings of a housebound reader during a good old-fashioned Iowa blizzard. 

Hats off to Volunteer Firefighters.
They're the spark that keeps small towns aglow. We met some of Iowa's finest at supper one night. 

The Ugliest Christmas Tree.
Never mind its scrawny branches. It was the center-piece of one of the most memorable celebrations ever.  

Amish Farm Wife's Diary.
Ruby and Jacob had a baby boy! Ernest was born September 12 and weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces. 

Visions of Sugarplums Dance in His Head.
Well, not quite. But recollections of Christmases of old bring out the kid in him again.

Focus on Iowa Photo Contest
Give us your best shot! For contest rules and information on how to enter the 2015 contest, click here. Deadline: December 15, 2014

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The Prettiest Farm in Iowa

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Iowa Eye-Catchers

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What I Miss Most About Iowa

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Iowa's Most Beautiful Barns

Iowa Rewind

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