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It's fun! Upbeat! And different from any magazine you've ever seen! Welcome to Our Iowa, the magazine that celebrates all that's great about living in Iowa.

Basically, Our Iowa allows Iowans to "talk to each other". Reading each issue is like sitting at your kitchen table and chatting with new friends over coffee, all of whom have interests similar to yours.

There are jaw-dropping photos of our beautiful land as well as some in-depth features. But the bulk of each issue is conversational, light-hearted "Here's what I think..." contributions shared by Iowans... people just like you.

Also be sure to enter our Lucky I Contest and win thousands of dollars in prizes given away by advertisers each issue. It’s almost like getting paid to read the ads!

Plus, you can win the "Iowa State Parks" prize package in our latest "Iowa Treasure Hunt". We've hidden a key in a public park somewhere in the state and provide a new clue each issue. Find the key, and it'll open a treasure chest that includes a $1,000 check to be gifted to the state park of his or her choice, a 2-night stay in a modern, comfortable cabin at one of Iowa's state parks, a steak fry for up to 20 family and friends at a state park shelter of the winner's choice and more!

Sneak a Peek Inside this Issue...

Then and Now.
John and Shirley Boswell of Corning re-create the church entrance scene where they were married 50 years earlier in Cumberland.

He was barely old enough to drive a car, yet here he was, flying a plane across the Iowa sky and launching a career in aviation.

Where Can That Hidden Key Be?
It'll open a treasure chest of prizes.

Readers Can Really Tell a Tale!
We challenged them to a writing contest ... and discovered some talented tale twisters.

Honey, There's a Fish in Our Bathtub!
Imagine the stir of one young newlywed who found a 12-pound catfish in her first "Home Sweet Home".

First Came Love, Then Came Marriage.
Romance bloomed when a new school, a new job and a small-town fire brought these sweethearts together.

Need a Haircut? Have a Seat!
For 6 decades, he's been the man behind the chair, clipping, combing and parting hair at his Bedford barbershop.

Burma-Shave Highway Signs Yield Miles of Smiles.
Drivers chuckle while reading our roadside signs posted in every county in Iowa.

Grandpa's Shoes Have a Story to Tell.
They have seen quite a few miles, but these special wedding shoes were always worn with love.

Amish Farm Wife's Diary.
"We returned to find apple pie cooling on the counter."

Dancing Down Memory Lane.
Back in the day, Oelwein's dance hall was the heartbeat of the region. Now it's been restored to its former glory.

You Can Teach Birds to Eat Out of Your Hand ... in Just 20 Minutes.
What took others 30 days to train birds takes only 20 minutes with this simple system.

Spring Unleashes the Power of Peppers.
Thumbing through seed catalogs is a time-honored tradition for many Iowans. Peppers are the choice for this couple.

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