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It's fun! Upbeat! And different from any magazine you've ever seen! Welcome to Our Iowa, the magazine that celebrates all that's great about living in Iowa.

Basically, Our Iowa allows Iowans to "talk to each other". Reading each issue is like sitting at your kitchen table and chatting with new friends over coffee, all of whom have interests similar to yours.

There are jaw-dropping photos of our beautiful land as well as some in-depth features. But the bulk of each issue is conversational, light-hearted "Here's what I think..." contributions shared by Iowans... people just like you.

Also be sure to enter our Lucky I Contest and win thousands of dollars in prizes given away by advertisers each issue. It’s almost like getting paid to read the ads!

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Then and Now.
A Linn County couple married nearly 73 years was honored for a lifetime of service when inducted into the Iowa 4-H Hall of Fame.

Family Outing Uncovers Hidden Key.
The search in the "Iowa Treasure Hunt" ended when an Ames family had a hunch it was at Dolliver Memorial State Park.

Summer Songs Play to the Heart.
Municipal bands bring communities together across Iowa this time of year. Shoot ... some folks simply show up for the pie!

Prettiest Farm in Iowa.
A retired florist uses hundreds of gorgeous flowers to design a unique "yard quilt" on her Jones County farm.

A Couple's Rhubarb Over Rhubarb.
His wife makes delectable treats from this wonder of nature ... while he rejects it as a noxious weed.

She Feels She Was Living in Eden.
As a child, she thought her parents' garden was a lot of hard work. Now she looks forward to her own summer harvest.

Fine Shines.
Imagine motoring around town in these readers' old classics!

Greetings from Hungry Canyon.
This country character spins down-on-the-farm humor into greeting cards that'll tickle most anyone's ribs.

Fireflies Lit Her Way Home.
After idyllic childhood summers in Iowa, Southern charm held now sway over this reader.

Amish Farm Wife's Diary.
Our diarist writes of the precious contentment she feels whenever family is gathered about her.

Readers Share More First Job Memories
One gal got paid for doing homework!

Ready for the Big Leagues.
A former Little Leaguer forgot about wins and losses the night he escorted a young gal in the Dyersville Queen's Pageant.

Family's Pecking Order Began with Grandma.
The back cover has a reader's fond recollection of the times she and her sister washed windows with Grandma.

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