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It's fun! Upbeat! And different from any magazine you've ever seen! Welcome to Our Iowa, the magazine that celebrates all that's great about living in Iowa.

Basically, Our Iowa allows Iowans to "talk to each other". Reading each issue is like sitting at your kitchen table and chatting with new friends over coffee, all of whom have interests similar to yours.

There are jaw-dropping photos of our beautiful land as well as some in-depth features. But the bulk of each issue is conversational, light-hearted "Here's what I think..." contributions shared by Iowans... people just like you.

Plus, you can win the “Ultra Iowa” prize package in our latest “Iowa Treasure Hunt”. We’ve hidden a key in a public park somewhere in the state and provide a new clue each issue. Find the key, and it’ll open a treasure chest that includes a $1,000 Hy-Vee grocery card, a $1,000 Casey’s gas card, tickets to the Iowa-Iowa State football game, an Amish buggy ride and more!

Also be sure to enter our Lucky I Contest and win thousands of dollars in prizes given away by advertisers each issue. It’s almost like getting paid to read the ads!

Sneak a Peek Inside this Issue...

His Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys.
A Mason City man recalls how as a 12-year-old he learned plenty of life lessons from "The Three Cowboys".

Do you have the Write Stuff?
Try your hand at creating a caption for this issue's cover photo—you could win a year of Culver's!

The Hunt is Over!
Right after we went to press, someone found the hidden key in the "Iowa Treasure Hunt". So please ignore the story on page 11 of this issue. The key was found in Monona County at the Loess Hills Overlook. Watch for complete details in our next issue.

The Prettiest Farm in Iowa.
Nothing symbolizes our state like proudly primped and painted farmsteads. This issue we visit a showplace in Fayette County.

Road Trip!
Join us in Adams County—one of the best-kept secrets in Iowa.

For Heaven's SakeMore Church Chuckles.
They say confession is good for the soul. So readers fess up to the funniest thing to happen to them in church.

Journeys of Iowa's Orphan Train Children.
Readers share more stories of riding the rails to a new home...and growing up to become farmers, a doctor and even the mayor of Clinton.

Iowa Weather Forecast: Artly Cloudy.
These readers believe the clouds the observed were formed by the hand of the Master.

You Should Never Take a Farmer on Vacation.
Dad was often doing more gawking than driving, or stewing about the farm he left behind.

Memories of Grandma.
She was strong yet warmhearted, and she taught this reader many valuable lessons about life.

Amish Farm Wife's Diary:
"It's a joy to do laundry on days like this!"

Fine Shines!
Stories of Iowans and their "sweet rides"...including Grandpa's '51 Ford pickup found and restored decades after it was sold at auction.

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