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Our Readers Can't Wait to Read Your Ad!

They study the ads looking for the "Lucky I's" we've hidden there.


Knock $100 off the Cost of Your Ad!

When it comes to advertising, you might say Our Iowa mixes business with pleasure. Advertising in this only-one-of-its-kind magazine is a sound business investment because we make it fun for subscribers to read the ads.

You see, advertisers have the option of paying for their ads in part with their products and services...which are given to our readers each issue.

For example, an ice cream manufacturer paid for a portion of its ad in cash, and the balance of it in ice cream...giving away a gallon of ice cream each month for a year, delivered right to the winner's door! Likewise, a bed-and-breakfast paid in part by giving away a free night's stay (with "celebrity treatment"!).


Can you spot the "i" hidden in this photo?

We're not kidding either when we say we hide these I's. We want it to be a challenge to find them, which adds to the fun for our readers and increases the amount of time they spend studying your ad to find them.

Advertisers love this contest!  That's because they actually get three exposures when they participate -- first, with their ad, then in the story we write explaining the product or service they're giving away, and in a follow-up story the next issue telling who won their prize offering.  No wonder they're giving away $6,000 to $7,000 worth of prizes each issue!

Readers love it, too.  In fact, we receive over 6,000 entries in the Lucky I Contest every issue.  And note that they can't enter by email -- they need to take the time to address an envelope or postcard and put postage on it in order to mail in their entry.  Who does that anymore?

There isn't another magazine in Iowa that offers such incentives for reading your ads.  Plus we limit the advertising to no more than 25% of each issue (most magazines are 60% ads).  That means your ad stands out more!


Be Part of the Fun!

See pages 44-45 of any issue for details. Contact us to reserve your ad space today!

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2019 - 2020 Advertising Schedule

Dates subject to change. Space is limited, inquire in advance for availability. Confirmed ad placements will receive production deadline reminders by email each issue.


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February/March 2019 December 10 December 13 January 25
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