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It's fun! Upbeat! And different from any magazine you've ever seen! Welcome to Our Iowa, the magazine that celebrates all that's great about living in Iowa.

Basically, Our Iowa allows Iowans to "talk to each other". Reading each issue is like sitting at your kitchen table and chatting with new friends over coffee, all of whom have interests similar to yours.

There are jaw-dropping photos of our beautiful land as well as some in-depth features. But the bulk of each issue is conversational, light-hearted "Here's what I think..." contributions shared by Iowans...people just like you.

Also be sure to enter our Lucky I Contest and win thousands of dollars in prizes given away by advertisers each issue. It’s almost like getting paid to read the ads!

Sneak a Peek Inside this Issue...

Then and Now. In a twist to this feature this issue, a young man from Durant re-created a farm photo of his great-grandfather taken in 1922.

Need Roadside Assistance? Call an Iowan. Good people made for a memorable trip through Iowa for out-of-staters last Labor Day weekend.

Prettiest Farm in Iowa. Let’s chat on the pretty wraparound porch on the classic century-old farmhouse that graces this farmstead near Elk Horn.

When a Boston Boy Married an Iowa Girl. Smitten by a movie and a gal from Fort Madison, he discovered the good life our state has to offer.

A Creed to Live By. The 4-H pledge was more than just words…to this former club member from Black Hawk County, it was a guide for living.

Open the Gates, Bring on the Big Time! A small-town son of Decatur County is ready to put his mark on the greatest show in Iowa.

Amish Farm Wife’s Diary. The men were tired from a busy week of baling hay, but it was a good feeling to get the first crop up without rain.

Sixteen Days Among Iowa’s Finest. Manning the boys’ 4-H bunkhouse during the Iowa State Fair was the most unique task he’s ever tackled.

She’s More Than Just a Pen Pal. An exchange student from Australia has used long-distance travel to stay connected with her Iowa host family.

Listen Up, Is the Cannonball Coming? Sunday afternoons were often filled with neighborly fellowship and model train rides on this Sac County farm.

Ballrooms Kept the Beat of Small-Town Iowa. Before the days of cell phones and social media, dance floors were where friends connected.

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